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IOS 17 Apple Maps Upgrades: Is it Time to Ditch Google Maps in 2023


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For years, Google Maps has been the go-to navigation app for millions of iPhone users around the world. However, with the release of iOS 17, Apple Maps has received a major upgrade that could finally make users switch from Google Maps. In this blog, we will explore the new features and upgrades in iOS 17 Apple Maps that might convince users to make the switch.

  1. More Accurate Maps

One of the most significant upgrades to Apple Maps in iOS 17 is the improved accuracy of the maps. Apple has updated its maps using high-resolution satellite imagery and enhanced data obtained from its fleet of vehicles equipped with LiDAR sensors. As a result, Apple Maps now provides a more detailed and accurate representation of roads, buildings, parks, and other features in the map. This is particularly helpful in areas with limited internet connectivity or where GPS signals are weak, as the improved accuracy of Apple Maps can help users stay on the right track.

  1. Enhanced Transit Directions

Apple Maps in iOS 17 now offers more comprehensive transit directions than ever before. Users can now plan their journey with step-by-step transit directions for buses, subways, and trains, including real-time departure and arrival times, walking directions, and more. Apple Maps also provides alerts for delays and service changes, helping users adjust their travel plans accordingly. This feature is particularly useful for users who rely on public transportation for their daily commute.

  1. Detailed City Guides

Another exciting feature of the updated Apple Maps is the detailed city guides. Apple has collaborated with various trusted sources such as Time Out and The Infatuation to create city guides for major cities around the world. These guides provide users with curated recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and other points of interest. The guides also include ratings and reviews from other users, helping users make informed decisions about where to go and what to see in a new city.

  1. Better Integration with Other Apple Apps

Apple Maps now has better integration with other Apple apps such as Messages and Siri. Users can now share their location with friends and family directly from the Maps app via Messages, making it easier to coordinate meetups and get-togethers. Additionally, Siri can now provide more personalized recommendations based on the user’s location and preferences, making it easier to find nearby restaurants, gas stations, and other places of interest.

  1. Driving Features

The updated Apple Maps also includes several new features designed specifically for drivers. One of these features is the ability to track speed limits and traffic conditions in real-time, helping drivers stay within the speed limit and avoid traffic jams. Apple Maps also provides turn-by-turn directions, including lane guidance, which helps drivers navigate complex intersections and highways more easily.

  1. Accessibility Features

Apple has also made significant improvements to the accessibility features of Apple Maps in iOS 17. The app now includes more detailed descriptions of points of interest, making it easier for users with visual impairments to navigate the map. Additionally, Apple Maps now supports VoiceOver, which is a screen reader that reads out the content on the screen, making the app more accessible for users with disabilities.

  1. Privacy and Security

Finally, Apple Maps in iOS 17 offers better privacy and security features than Google Maps. Apple has a strong commitment to user privacy, and the company has made significant efforts to ensure that its Maps app does not collect unnecessary data from users. Apple Maps in iOS 17 uses on-device intelligence to suggest destinations, rather than relying on data from the cloud. Additionally, all data collected by Apple Maps is anonymized and encrypted to protect user privacy.


The updates to Apple Maps in iOS 17 offer a range of new and exciting features that could finally convince users to switch from Google Maps. With improved accuracy, enhanced transit directions, detailed city guides, better integration with other Apple apps, driving features, accessibility features, and better privacy and security, Apple Maps in iOS 17 is a compelling option for iPhone users looking for a reliable and user-friendly navigation app.

While Google Maps remains a popular choice for many, the upgrades to Apple Maps in iOS 17 have addressed many of the concerns that users had with the app in the past. The improved accuracy of the maps, better integration with other Apple apps, and enhanced transit directions are particularly appealing features that could convince users to make the switch. Moreover, Apple’s strong commitment to user privacy and security is an important consideration for users who value their data privacy.

Overall, the updates to Apple Maps in iOS 17 have made the app a much more competitive alternative to Google Maps. For users looking for a reliable and feature-rich navigation app that respects their privacy and offers excellent accessibility features, Apple Maps in iOS 17 is definitely worth considering.


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